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Dear Walmart Mom

Posted on 5/5/2017 by Stacy Mal

What I really wanted to say to that other mom in Walmart....

Yesterday my 7 year old daughter wanted to wear her Trump shirt. In her mind it's a shirt that represents our leader and so she was proud to put it on. She's 7 so she does not know it's controversial, or "triggering," or that some might not like it. So there was no hesitance to wear it. Only pride.

Then, we went to Walmart. As we walked in the door to get a shopping cart, there was another woman with children looking for a cart too. We smiled at them and the kids. She took one look at my daughter's shirt though and glared at her, rolled her eyes, and huffed away hurriedly (as if to protect her children from our bad influence).

I wish I had a moment to talk to her, without the kids present, because here's what I wanted so badly to tell her.

"Excuse me, Ma'am, but that child you just glared at, she's 7 and she has more goodness in her little body than anyone else I've ever met in my whole life. That child you just projected your hate onto, she spends her days coloring pictures for and writing letters to family and friends because she doesn't know how else to express her deep love for people. That child you threw your bitterness at, she cries when other people cry (even on TV commercials) because she can't stand the sight of suffering. That child you cast your inner anger onto, she has a 40-foot prayer chain at home made of paper with hundreds of names on it that she prays for every single day without fail. That child that you shunned with your kids, she has the nickname "playground patrol" because she helps little ones get up ladders, makes sure everyone gets a turn down the slide, and makes sure no one is ever left out. That child you rolled your eyes at in disgust, she can't decide which career path to take when she gets older: a restaurant owner for poor people or an orphanage owner. That child you huffed at with irritation, she's currently singing the "Alleluia Acclamation" from Church with pure joy. That child who frustrated you to the core, she has the most beautiful belly laugh you'll ever hear, straight from her core. I'm sorry you'll never get the chance to hear it. Im sorry my choice to get her a t-shirt has ruined your morning. I'm sorry this country has embittered you so badly that you'll never really "see" us. I'm sorry you've bought the lie that all Trump supporters are worthy of contempt. I'm sorry you're still so unsettled inside yourself that a blonde, blu-eyed little girl smiling at you causes you to blow. I'm sorry you've been brainwashed to think your behavior is justified or in any way normal. It's a shame it has come to this. That in the name of love and tolerance and betterment, in the name of patriotism and freedom, a 7 year old girl has become a target for a 40 year old woman's angst. For what it's worth, you're not very convincing in your supposed quest to better the country. Your eye-rolling, glares and huffing speak contrary to your desire for unity. But I know it must be hard for you to act differently, the way the media and celebrities have fostered this cold new American spirit. So I will add you and your kids to my daughter's prayer chain. And maybe someday we will cross paths again - maybe in a new era of America, where a smiling child is once again a beautiful thing, regardless of what t-shirt she is wearing. Until we meet again....

A fellow American, Walmart-shopping mother just like you"