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Fatima Today

Posted on 5/12/2017 by Stacy Mal

Why the message of Fatima is just as relevant today as it was then.

This Saturday (tomorrow) is a big day, and I’m not sure everyone realizes just HOW big. It’s the 100th anniversary of the apparitions of the Virgin Mary in Fatima, Portugal – apparitions officially investigated and then approved by the Church. It’s not the jubilee anniversary that makes these apparitions significant, though. It’s the actual messages given there, and the relevancy they have on the world today… And not just for Catholics but EVERYONE.

You see, 100 years ago the Blessed Virgin Mary appeared to the three shepherd children in a town called Fátima. It’s a place named after two revered women with the name Fatima: a Muslim princess and the daughter of Mohammed (the founder of Islam). Ironically, Mohammed said his daughter, Fatima, “would have the highest place in heaven after the Virgin Mary." And the Muslim princess, called Fatima or al-Zahra (meaning “shining one”) later converted to Catholicism.

So it is very VERY ironic that on May 13, 1917 that’s how the three Catholic Fatima children saw the Blessed Virgin Mary. The beloved daughter of the Eternal Father and the Queen of Heaven and Earth appeared to them full of light, shining.  The oldest child, Lucia, described it as “a lady, clothed in white, brighter than the sun, radiating a light more clear and intense than a crystal cup filled with sparkling water lit by burning sunlight.” Basically, what they saw was “the woman clothed with the sun” in the book of Revelations (Rev 12:1). They saw Mary.

The Blessed Virgin Mary asked the children to come back to that place every month on the 13th, for the next 6 months. Each month she gave them messages. She asked for people to pray the rosary for world peace. She said the current war (WWI) would end but if the world does not repent and turn back to God, a greater war would soon start (WWII). She showed the children a vision of Hell and asked that sacrifices be made for sinners, because so many people go to hell and no one is praying for souls. She asked for the consecration of Russia to Her Immaculate Heart, otherwise the nation would spread its errors throughout the world and there would be no peace. She asked for penance. She predicted the persecution of the Church in the end times. She promised her protection and ultimately her triumph.

She said she would tell them who she was, and give them a sign that her apparitions were real on the last visit, the sixth month. And on October  13th, the “woman clothed with the sun” gave it to them. 70,000 people witnessed the sun “dance” in the sky, pulsating and spinning, just before it plunged toward earth terrifying everyone who saw it. Then it returned to its original position.

Why does all this matter now, today, in 2017, one hundred years later? Because her messages were not just about that time period, but also this one. The message of Fatima is every bit as relevant today as it was then, perhaps in some cases, even more so.

Mary told Lucia that the final battle Satan would wage against humanity would be against marriage and the family. This is ironic now, as humanity attempts to legally redefine marriage, and gives parents the rights to kill their unborn children.

The message of Fatima involved Muslims, Christians, even Russia. This too is also ironic since today Russia and the U.S. disagree on how to handle Syria’s Assad regime.

The message of Fatima predicted the persecution of the Church, which today suffers not only from severe moral deprivation but also at the hands of terrorists who see it as a body of infidels.

The message of Fatima spoke about world wars and mass destruction. Ironically, today many countries around the world are moving strategic military pieces into place. Aside from North Korea’s nuclear and missile tests, they also have satellites currently orbiting the U.S. in patterns that some experts believe are suggestive of an EMP (electromagnetic pulse) attack – a Russian design from the Cold War. Additionally, the U.S tested the Minuteman 3 intercontinental ballistic missile, Japanese officials warned its citizens to make preparations for a possible nuclear attack, Iran blasted a torpedo in a test mission on the Strait of Hormuz, and China has collected anti-warship missiles and urged its citizens in North Korea to return home. This is a sliver – a small, little fraction – of the disheartening news headlines from around the world.

My point: it’s not rocket science. Things are very unstable and WWIII is a real possibility.

But no, I do not say all this to incite fear. The message of Fatima, while sobering, is a message of hope. It’s a message of triumph, victory and peace… it's a message of protection and security. If – IF—we listen to the Virgin Mary’s warning. If we turn back to God, if we begin to pray, if we repent, and make sacrifices for our sins and the sins of the world.

So, why is the message of Fatima important today? Because history is bound to repeat itself if lessons are not learned. Because the earth is like a boulder rolling down a hill into the end times. Because God’s justice is fast approaching.

The message of Fatima still rings loud and clear, friends, perhaps even more loud and even more clear as the 100-year-old prophecies unfold before our very eyes. But, it doesn’t have to end in destruction. She promised victory if we take heed. Our fate lies in our own hands – in the hands folded in prayer, especially those grasping her beads.

So this Saturday, remember, the Fatima jubilee celebration is not a remembrance or a memorial, it’s not commemorative event of things long passed… it’s a call, a reminder, an awakening to the present. It’s another appeal from the true “shining one,” a plea for conversion, right here, right now.

I pray this Saturday you hear this plea deep in your heart, that you answer the call to daily prayer and sacrifice, that you pledge allegiance to the army of Mary for the peace of the world, and that you are set on fire with a renewed love of God and his laws. You, my friend have a role to play in this victory! You have a job to do in this Triumph. You have a part in whether or not we experience the justice and chastisements of God, or whether we experience His blessing, protection and peace. You are called to spread the message of Fatima with your voice and your prayers and your life.

May you be blessed with the grace to know, love, and live the message of Fatima spoken to the world 100 years ago.  Peace be with you all.