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The Way of Rejection

Posted on 7/24/2018 by Stacy Mal

Rejection. Ugh. It’s an awful, terrible thing…. Or is it? Maybe… just maybe… it’s a blessing in disguise.

Many years ago, I was turned down for a Catholic writer position with a very small local publication. It was crushing because I knew I could do the job well. But, afterwards, I started my own successful regional publication, an online blog, and I have since published several books. My reach is now much bigger than it would have been had I gotten that job.

I was also kicked out of a Christian Keto group once because I wasn’t heavy enough. I actually cried when it happened because I was searching desperately for comradery at the time. But… because of that rejection, I started my own group, developed my own program, and have since helped NUMEROUS people regain their health and transform their lives. I guess I wasn’t meant to follow a group, I was meant to lead one.

My point is: over the years I have been turned down and rejected soooooo many times for soooo many different things. And yes, it’s been painful. But sometimes rejection is good for us. It’s a closed door that keeps us on the move, searching for the open door of blessing. We need this because sometimes we get so hellbent on grabbing a fruit, that we can’t see God wants to give us an orchard.

So… those of you who are feeling the sting of rejection right now… I encourage you to embrace it. Be thankful for it. Praise God for it. It’s just a tiny, little barricade on a path you weren’t meant to take... a path that can’t get you to the bounty He wants to give you. So, keep on moving, friends. Keep on searching. Don’t quit. Your orchard is just up ahead.